Registracija: Vip Gun Rifle 2018 (2018-04-08 10:00 - 14:00)

 Vieta: Pamaraziai

Vardas / First Name Pavardė / Last Name IPSC vardas / IPSC Alias IPSC Regionas / IPSC Region Division Kategorija / Category Grupė / Squad I want to work as RO (Select Main Match. We'll change your squad to Pre Match after approved.) RO_Hotel I_prefer_live in one room with Pastabos / Comments
AlenaPahudaHelenPogudoBelarusSemi-Auto OpenLadyI want to work as ROI need hotelRO on main match only
AndreiSiuniakouAndjikBelarusSemi-Auto Open-1
AndriusGražulisbulletproofLithuaniaSemi-Auto Open-2
KatsiarynaSvirydKateSVDBelarusSemi-Auto OpenLady1
OlegDetiukevičLeopoldasLithuaniaSemi-Auto Open-2
RimantasAlišauskasShad0wLithuaniaSemi-Auto Standard-1
TomasLaužonisDetomasoLithuaniaSemi-Auto Open-1
UgniusLukoseviciusLietuvisLithuaniaSemi-Auto Open-1
VitalyIoskevichioskevichBelarusSemi-Auto Open-1
VolhaProkharchykKirigamiBelarusSemi-Auto OpenLadyI want to work as ROI need hotel
ŽydrūnasSinkevičiusZS3LithuaniaSemi-Auto OpenSenior1
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