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Ukrainos IPSC regiono direktoriaus kreipimasis 2022-02-24 15:05 #37838

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My dear friends, IPSC President, Executive council members, Regional Directors, and all shooters!
As you already heard, today early morning 5am Russia starts military opeation against Ukraine and cross borders of our country. This enormous and full of sadness act of aggression in our peaceful world. Our felow comrades from military an law enforcement units are fighting this time to protect us and the rest of the world. We have confirmed information that Russian military troops officially occupate Ukraine now. At the same time there are Russian missile strikes and airial UAV trying to bomb civilian and military infrastructure facilities at the South, East, North, and Central Ukraine.
I'm as Regional Director of the IPSC Ukraine demandng immediate actions from the IPSC officialls to withdraw IPSC Russia from the International Practical Shooting Confederation and all required and possible actions to stop this aggression where Ukrainian citizens are dying right now!
I'm strongly believe in your support of all kinds.
Praying for those who fight and hope to the best!
Alexander Milyukov
IPSC Ukraine Regional Director
The President of the Ukrainian Practical and High Precision Shooting Federation
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